The Shaka Sign

The Shaka sign which, is simply made by extending little finger and thumb while of one hand, holding rest of the fingers curled, (view an image here)has become overused by many people, who do not understand its origins or what it means. This short article will give you the idea of history and meaning of this common gesture.

How it started?

A few people believe that the Shaka came from Italian farmers, who were greeting passing visitors with that gesture during the 16th century, others says that it is a Chinese trader’s way to show six with only one hand. The most popular theory says that it was all started in Hawaii by Hamana Kalili of Laie (June 18, 1882 – December 17, 1958). Mr Kalili, probably in the early 1940s , lost his three middle fingers of his right hand while working in the Kahuku Sugar Mill. He was no longer able to work in the mill so he was re-assigned to guard the sugar train, which was traveling between cities on the island. One of his jobs was to keep off all the children, who wanted to jump on the train and travel between cities. Promptly, they started signalizing each other the way was clear, by imitating Mr Kalili’s gesture. In the 1960s the gesture was picked by visiting Hawaii surfers and spread all over the world.
What does it mean?
The Shaka sign, known also as Hang loose, is strongly associated with Hawaiian and surfing culture , although the word Shaka certainly is not of Hawaiian origin. It represents “Aloha spirit” – friendship, love but also pretty much everything from “howzit” to “thank you” and “well done”. Surfers sitting in the line – up waiting for waves often greet each other with the Shaka sign.
Nowadays the Shaka sign is most often used by surfers, who not only use it as a greeting, but also put big stickers of the Shaka sign on their vans, clothes and hats. Recently even the US president used Shaka sign on Hawaiian island Oahu . You should also remember that the Shaka sign is also associated with Brasilian Ju-jitsu, in some part of the world may suggest sexual exchange, having a drink or smoking weed! Now you know what it means and how to use it, so go and spread idea of “aloha spirit”.

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