100% percent profit bot reviews


Its now a few weeks that the 100 % profit bot is available and the first review’s have begun to surface… guess what?

From all early reprots… It works!! Finally a binary options trading robot that truly does what it says it does..

People are profiting and the handicapper legend, creator of 100percentprofitbot, and binary pioneer Michael Jakobs (aka the sportsmavin) is giving live sessions over skype + works in close unison with the beta-testers to wring even more profits out of this sensational binary bot!

Have A Look!

And these are real binary trades not some demo account or random numbers generated on your screen..

The multi-broker, multi-account trading method has not been done before and many of the brokers have been caught by surprise!

Don`t delay.. It`s free only as a beta tester setup.. and finally something that has an understandable strategy !!


PS: The licenses drop as we speak.. soon there won`t be any left.. it started with 2,000 and now its down to triple digits…

Is 100 percent profit bot scamor real? Learn more by watching the below video.

Can You Really Earn Money With Legal Insider Bot?

Often people think it’s not possible to even earn money with binary options and have either experienced for themselves or heard of someone who has been involved with a scam relating to the industry. Unfortunately, binary options have received a lot of attention because of the sheer number of scams and lies that have been linked to them. The truth is that many people around the world are able to have success with binary options, but the difference is they are using the right strategies and tools, and avoid anything that sounds ‘too good to be true’.

In many ways it is not very different than other forms of trading and can be profitable, if you know what you are doing, or are able to follow someone who knows what they are doing.

Before systems like Legal Insider Bot became available, traders often needed to learn everything from scratch. Either by attending seminars or try to do it all by yourself, via trial and error. Which takes time, can often cost a lot of money, both in course fees and trading losses, can be over whelming causing people to lose hope and give up, often with a bitter taste in their mouth and bad memories regarding Binary Options Trading.

Legal Insider Bot

is basically a short training program & software package which allows you to follow along with the trades of one of the most successful traders in the binary options market. Greg Marks has introduced one of the first and only multi-dimensional trading system of its kind to be launched recently, and he and his team have ability to multiply your profits without any unwanted losses. Covering all currency pairs, it especially helps the beginners to make their trades easily.


• 100% automated – Once setup it is a fully hands off operation
• Fully functional 30-day trial period with no credit card needed
• Has previously turned $500 into $2271 in few days, and much more
• Does not require previous experience with binary options trading to get started
• Completely web based, no need for software downloads, or installations. Also fully compatible with all mobile devise such an phones & tablets.
Latest Trading Results published Live for you to review.


• As with any signal provider, 100% success cannot be guaranteed, so make sure you do your research as a Legal Insider Bot Review Website before deciding to join.
• Does require some capital to fund your trading account, so while access if free, some money is required to get started.

Legal Insider Bot is a great tool for anyone interested in trading binary options with minimum risk, maximum profits and minimal amount of effort. Try this fully automated robot cost and risk free, and discover the thrills and opportunities of binary option trading!

The Shaka Sign

The Shaka sign which, is simply made by extending little finger and thumb while of one hand, holding rest of the fingers curled, (view an image here)has become overused by many people, who do not understand its origins or what it means. This short article will give you the idea of history and meaning of this common gesture.

How it started?

A few people believe that the Shaka came from Italian farmers, who were greeting passing visitors with that gesture during the 16th century, others says that it is a Chinese trader’s way to show six with only one hand. The most popular theory says that it was all started in Hawaii by Hamana Kalili of Laie (June 18, 1882 – December 17, 1958). Mr Kalili, probably in the early 1940s , lost his three middle fingers of his right hand while working in the Kahuku Sugar Mill. He was no longer able to work in the mill so he was re-assigned to guard the sugar train, which was traveling between cities on the island. One of his jobs was to keep off all the children, who wanted to jump on the train and travel between cities. Promptly, they started signalizing each other the way was clear, by imitating Mr Kalili’s gesture. In the 1960s the gesture was picked by visiting Hawaii surfers and spread all over the world.
What does it mean?
The Shaka sign, known also as Hang loose, is strongly associated with Hawaiian and surfing culture , although the word Shaka certainly is not of Hawaiian origin. It represents “Aloha spirit” – friendship, love but also pretty much everything from “howzit” to “thank you” and “well done”. Surfers sitting in the line – up waiting for waves often greet each other with the Shaka sign.
Nowadays the Shaka sign is most often used by surfers, who not only use it as a greeting, but also put big stickers of the Shaka sign on their vans, clothes and hats. Recently even the US president used Shaka sign on Hawaiian island Oahu . You should also remember that the Shaka sign is also associated with Brasilian Ju-jitsu, in some part of the world may suggest sexual exchange, having a drink or smoking weed! Now you know what it means and how to use it, so go and spread idea of “aloha spirit”.

This article was provided by our friends at www.supinparadise.com.au

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My Favourite Place on the Gold Coast, Queensland

Recently I completed building from a kit my very own RepRap 3d printer. It was a frustratingly joyous process. I learnt a lot about what I was capable of and what an awesome repository of knowledge the world wide web is becoming. Any time I found myself stuck I was able to search for the problem I was having using ‘the Google’ and found many people who had experienced similar issues and posted their experiences and solutions. Granted it often involved a lot of trawling through blog posts, comments and forums. And also testing many failed solutions, but in the end I managed to complete a fully functional 3D printer on my desktop. I was fascinated by the machine and lost many hours building it and then staring at it while it printed. It also introduced me to the Arduino microcontroller and its capabilities. The Arduino controls the stepper motors and other electrical components on the RepRap. I can not remember exactly how I stumbled upon them, but shortly after completing my printer I found Gold Coast Techspace and quickly found a group of like minded individuals with a passion to technology, gadgets and most importantly, teaching and sharing their knowledge with others. After my first couple of meetings I had already met people with many similar interests to me and found new pieces of technology such as the Raspberry Pi which I quickly became my new favourite technology product as I thought of many projects I could complete with it. Gold Coast Techspace take an active role in the community running weekly workshops for adults and children on various electronic or mechanical products. They also provide a Tech Space in Robina, Queensland which allows people to access equipment and expertise they may not otherwise be able to. All in all it is a great initiative and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Steve and the gang.

5 Common Mistakes in SEO

Below is a video from Google’s Webmaster channel on youtube. It includes some common mistakes in Search Engine Optimisation and also some tips for improving your sites rankings.

Gold Coast SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not only important for your business in the modern online world, it is essential. Everyday potential customers are searching online, via their mobile phones or computers, for services that you offer. If your website doesn’t appear in the top 3 listings on the first page of search results in the Real Google Search engines, chances are that those potential customers are going to your competition.

SEO is a very competitive industry, with millions and millions of searches being performed everyday.
Google is continually changing its search algorithms, new websites are being created everyday, not to mention unscrupulous parties selling you blackhat services which actually do more damage to your rankings than good, mean that it is harder than ever to successfully rank your website in an ever evolving and changing landscape. It is nearly impossible for the average local business owner to manage their day to day business AND effectively manage their website’s search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Luckily for you, you don’t have to. There are many professional SEO services available. But how do you decide which one to go with? It is a very important decision. Bad practices can leave you with a worthless website, or worse. Always choose ethical, white hat practicing, experienced firms. If you are based on the Gold Coast Queensland, we highly recommend you visit Gold Coast SEO and review their services.

See below an excellent video from youtube explains SEO basics and why it is vitally important to your business.